There is nothing cool with dry winter air – and your state of health reveals the facts. Do you know that indoor air during the cold months can lower down humidity levels to as much as 10% RH? The recommended RH levels should be between 30% and 50% – anything below that range can wreak havoc to your health. It’s a good thing that humidifiers can actually put back stripped off moisture and also restore your family’s health.

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While portable humidifiers are virtually lightweight, this does not provide you the accuracy and wide coverage that you need in fighting off effects of dry air and depleted moisture in the cold months. Installation of a whole house humidifier is most recommended as it is well-regulated and monitored with the use of a thermostat and this also seamlessly integrates with your heating and cooling system.

Health Benefits of a Humidifier

Preservation and protection of electronic devices and furniture. Most furniture and electrical devices or appliances are made of sensitive materials that are prone to not just wear and tear; but extreme changes in temperature and humidity levels. Dry air can cause irreversible damage to your favorite painting, furniture pieces, wooden floors, and even your electronic gadgets. The use of a humidifier helps keep the integrity of your wood fixtures and furnishings intact.

Avoid risks of infections. Moist air is conducive for bacterial growth and viral contagion. Respiratory illnesses like common colds, flu, cough, sore throat, and even nosebleeds are triggered by low humidity levels. Making sure to install a humidifier can mean a world of difference between calling in sick at work and being up for anything.

Keep indoor plants healthy. It’s not just humans that get sick whenever moisture is depleted in the air. Indoor plants also suffer in dry winter air because the air gets too dry which may cause the plant to wither and die. Your plants help clean the air by taking out the toxins. Making sure that your plants are healthy ensures and insures you own health as well.

Reduce allergy attacks. Most allergies are triggered during the winter season or dry cold months. Winter air can actually dry up your sinuses which acts as a filter for air contaminants. This in turn lowers one’s resistance against viruses and bacteria which can allergies such as sinusitis or rhinitis.

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Soft and glowing skin. Achieve a supple and vibrant skin with the use of humidifiers. Cold dry air saps the moisture out of your skin which results in itchy, flaky, and dry skin. Your lips can also chap more often than usual. Using a humidifier can help restore the moisture content in your skin for a bright and rejuvenated glow.

Helps you sleep better. The use of cool-mist humidifier promotes good sleep. This clears the nasal passages and airways which allow you to breathe easier, prevents snoring, and creates a cool and relaxing environment that is conducive for a good sleep.

Lubricates your vocal cords. Humidifiers can keep the air moist and your vocal cords well-lubricated to help preserve and harness your singing and speaking voice. Sore throat can make your voice crack and raspy which can be cured or soothed by the use of humidifiers.

Having a humidifier at home is a worthy investment primarily for its aesthetic and health benefits. Your family’s health and safety comes first and humidifiers are wired to do exactly that. It’s a balancing act though because too much moisture can impact your health negatively. Be sure to keep track of humidity levels and keep humidifiers in good condition in order to maximize the benefits of humidifiers at home.