The new, “in” thing for mothers is to go all-natural in their lifestyles. It is becoming a trend of thought that the more natural the lifestyle, the healthier it is. This is both true and untrue. It is completely true that the more organic the food source, whether fruits and vegetables or meat, the less nutrients disappear in the packaging and processing.

At the same time, there are some medical advances that retain importance, despite being modern. Now is the time to discover which of these trends are most helpful, and which least helpful, to mothers and their babies.

The Pros and Cons of the Natural Trend for Mothers and Babies

Vaccinate or do Not Vaccinate?

All vaccines are synthetically produced. Gone are the days when cowpox boils were pricked and then the needle used to infect children to combat the much more fatal smallpox. Today, synthetically generated vaccines are used to teach the body which antibodies to create for common diseases. However, this synthesization causes doubt for those going natural.

The biggest concern for mothers who would rather not vaccinate their babies, is the metal content in most vaccinations. Most vaccines contain both aluminum and mercury. Both are known neurotoxins in large doses.

However, both are necessary in vaccines. Aluminum strengthens the immunity response of the baby’s body, while mercury (in thimerosal) lowers possible contamination of multiple-dose vaccines. It has been suggested that these metals could increase the risk of autism in children. At the same time, multiple studies (one even of a million children, has disproved the risk.

To Breastfeed or not to Breastfeed?

The rising choice of mothers to breastfeed their babies is one of the most positive results of the “all-natural” trend for mothers. Even just the choice to breast milk-feed their babies (quite different) is a positive trend. Breastfeeding has been proven as one of the effective ways a mother can nurture and nourish her child.

Breast milk provides many of the immunities that a baby needs, direct through the mother’s milk. It also regulates the nutrients that enter the baby’s body, is much easier to digest, and better for the baby’s teeth and health than formula, which usually has higher sugar content.

Mothers can now choose to pump milk and work to keep their babies constantly supplied with breast milk. This gives their babies a head start in health, especially if they are fed exclusively on breast milk. At the same time, mothers are becoming much more health-conscious, since the food they eat provides nutrients for their babies.

The Natural Trend for Mothers and Babies: Overall Positive

Mothers who choose to go as natural as possible in their lifestyles need to find the balance between natural and synthesized supplements which they need. Vaccines can be judiciously chosen for the urgency of their need, and doctors consulted as to which vaccines are non-negotiable for the baby’s health.

In the same way, lactation consultants can help mothers who wish to breastfeed or breast milk-feed their babies. If formula is unavoidable, mothers can still see to it that a fair amount of their babies’ nutrients come from breastmilk.